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BarCamp Bangkhen 2018

Monday, November 26, 2018, 11:55 PM

Another weekend for another BarCamp to attended, and yesterday was BarCamp Bangkhen 9, which held annually at Kasetsart University.

Planned a reunion with @taneekpet for months (since TechJam), I ditch the morning sessions for @ponearz’s death anniversary (and catch up with @IamDao and @scomma first). So I can’t say much about the talk or lunch break. But seeing a list of sessions online suggest that this BarCamp is just yet another tech-savvy unconference.

The confusing sessions board that if you don’t pay attention enough, one column will become a room with 6 timeslots.

For me, BarCamp never meant to be just for tech talks. It should be an event that gathering various kinds of people with a wide range of interests. So we can show our passion and build stronger interest-based community afterward.

Except for my very first BarCamps (which I have to admit that I seize the opportunity to build up my profile), I stop proposing tech topic ever since. Cause I already know the community to share these interest already.

Over half a decade, these are my non-tech topics that I’ve put on the vote:

  1. Tetris
  2. Classical music
  3. How to give a talk
  4. Randomness
  5. Maths art
  6. LEGO

Out of six topics within six different areas, only one was selected. And I bet everyone can guess it, right?1

So I’m a little disappointed that my latest LEGO topic wasn’t elected, again. But then it’s kind of a relief since I haven’t made the slide, yet. And if this trend of rejection continues on, maybe I’ll drop out the preparation to give a talk too, then speak the details that’ve come to my mind as @5argon do!

The greatest session with full of passion: @5argon’s 20 years of Dance Dance Revolution.

I know that I can initiate a ghost room to host my own session (for my friends), but then how to know someone new who’s also interested in my topic? Actually, it doesn’t have to be a talk right there in the event at all. What matter the most is how to expand the circle. And every participant deserved it, not only the one who gets voted.

Maybe we have to disturb the very fundamental of this event again?

BarCamp and pizza, like BFF.

By the way, great to see everyone again, which include, but not limited to: @ipats, @Choestelus, @bact, @ratitada, @awkwin, @dtinth, @nrad6949, @LXZE. And thanks for a very special after party caffeine-free session na @taneekpet and @5argon ☕🥤🥛.

  1. It’s a topic about computer game!